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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Travelogue: Scandinavia, Russia

The Book on Travel to Scandinavia and Russia

Authors Dr Kalpana Bhatawdekar and Shyam Bhatawdekar of this travelogue (titled "Travelogue: Scandinavia, Russia")  had been traveling extensively on business in their capacity of top notch business executives, highly sought after business and management consultants, eminent management gurus, authentic human behavior experts and prolific authors.

Yet they felt that traveling and seeing different places as a part of their business driven journeys was not as complete an experience of the visited places, as they would have liked it to be. That realization gave a kick-start to their additional journeys purely as dedicated tourists.

Simultaneously, they started journalizing their various travel and sightseeing experiences. Now they have decided to bring their travelogues in open in order to share these with all. This book narrates their journey to Scandinavian countries and Russia.

Decision to Travel

The authors write in their book, "When we get set in the routine, we start getting bored.  It is said that travel is a powerful antidote to routines and habits. So, Shyam- my husband and co-author of this travelogue and I decided to go out and see the world. This kind of a venture requires resources. We needed to check up on it. And we did a detailed check up. Luckily we arrived at the conclusion that perhaps we could manage it as we went along. Now that we were somewhat assured of mustering the required resources it was possible for us to explore the different parts of the world.

In our various travels we were looking forward to gaining the worldly experience in addition to doing sightseeing, amusement and holidaying. It's great to be more focused on experiences.  We feel more youthful and enthusiastic about life than ever when we see the world that way. We learn a lot about the ways of the world and try to understand different ways of dealing with life. As we move around we gain new perspectives about our inter-connectedness with rest of the world. All of this was important to us.

So we started out. Gradually we travelled many continents and many countries. We documented a good portion of our travels in detail. The travelogue presented here pertains to our trip to Scandinavia and Russia.

I am narrating the travelogue the way I experienced it along with Shyam."

The Itinerary of Scandinavia-Russia trip
  1. Copenhagen
  2. Oslo and Bergen
  3. Stockholm
  4. Helsinki
  5. Saint Petersburg
  6. Moscow 
The trip involved travel by air, ship, train and bus. 

It also included cruise in the famous fjord of Norway and the most scenic journey by Flam rail.

Read More in the Book........ you can own your copy of the book from: Nuubuu (eBook) or Amazon (eBook and printed book) online.

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