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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

Often times a good number of tourists may feel confused about the selection of right kind of coffee for themselves from the coffee dispensers/vending machines or from the manned coffee counters. The main reason being the large coffee type availability.

To help them take the right decision on which coffee type to order, given below are some explanation of the types of coffee as well as types of milk.

Coffee Types

Espresso is the base of various coffee types. It is prepared by forcing hot water under high pressure through finely ground compacted coffee. Using espresso as the base, following types of coffee are prepared:

Short Black: Black espresso

Long Black: Two shots of espresso or one with a small amount of water added

Flat White: Espresso with slightly foamy milk

Americano: Espresso with lots of water

Macchiato: Espresso with a splash of milk

Mochaccino: Chocolate mixed into coffee

Cappuccino: Espresso with a bit of milk, foam and chocolate/cinnamon topping

Latte: Espresso with lots of milk.

Milk Types

As far as milk is concerned mostly there are two types available:


Trim (non-fat milk)

Soy milk

Rice milk

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